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Monday, January 17, 2011

Boring Weeks Produce Little in Blog Posts

Of course, I've blogged a new bike story, every day, over at the new blog.  But, not a whole lot went down, last week, that was worthy of a blog.

I didn't feel the need to write about the cold and the snow, every day.  Almost everyone in the U.S of A. was going through the same thing.  At one point, there was snow on the ground in 49 states.  And the one state without snow, Florida, is infested with alligators and David Caruso, so they don't want to hear any whining from us about a little snow.

Weather-related posts are sorta boring anyway.  I can tell you how cold it was (on Wednesday, not only did I have on my beard and mustache when I got to work, but I had ice on the exposed skin of my cheeks - frostbite, anyone?).  But will it make an impression on you?  Probably not.  A dog on the roof of a house only made enough of an impression to generate 3 comments.

And, all I did, last week, was ride to work, work, ride home and sleep.  I think the latest I went to sleep was at 9:30, and the earliest was 8:15.  Riding on snow, in cold weather, then working on my feet all day makes me tired, apparently.  Not exactly Earth-shattering news.

I did get out to see some live music, Saturday night, at Herman's Hideaway.  The headliner was a Celtic rock band, and the opening 3 bands were all alt-country.  It was fun, and the place was ultra-crowded.  But, I got no pictures or sound bites.

Today was laundry day, as well as MLK Day.  I was off work, and decided that I should go down to the river and beat my rags on the wet rocks.  This was the first time I did laundry since the week before my nephew Kyle came to visit, over Christmas and New Years.

The weather has been nice, the past 3 days.  High temperatures at the beginning of the week were in the high single-digits, and it's been in the mid-50s since Saturday.  The temperature today is pretty pleasant, but the wind is blowing so hard that if you go outside, the straws that normally get driven into tree trunks  during tornadoes and hurricanes will all impale you and turn you into a human porcupine.  Not a good look for me, what with my thinning hair and all.

That's all this world needs; a balding human porcupine complaining about the weather on a blog.

Hopefully, life might be a bit more interesting during this coming week.  If I manage to do anything other than survive the commute (750 work days in a row, as of this past Friday), I'll keep you informed.



At 2:55 PM , Anonymous G.E. said...

I wonder if it's the cold that's bringing on this "same ole, same ole" kind of thought. I have similar feelings and even though the last couple of days have been a bit warmer, the freakin' wind is so brutal today!

By the way, I personally loved the pooch post from last week, but refrained from commenting as others pretty well covered my thoughts. What a sight it must've been though. I hope you don't feel that lack of commentary on your blog means that no one finds it interesting, or that you lose interest because of lack of comments. I can be one of the worst offenders - I'll read, laugh, giggle, smile, identify, etc, and never write anything... but I definitely do enjoy reading.

Hopefully this Colorado winter wind dies down quickly. I know I handle the cold much better than the wind.

At 3:57 PM , Blogger Th said...

Took advantage of the warm temps today and rode the Sand Creek Trail out to Aurora. Didn't really notice the wind until I had to turn around. Had a slow ride back to the house. Decided to ride the street home but had to deal with a muddy drivetrain, knobby tires, and the wind.

At 5:33 PM , Blogger Big Oak said...

I think it's the lack of sun. Leave for work before sunup, get home after sundown.

We've been fortunate here, no serious wind, but it's been cold for weeks.

At 3:00 PM , Blogger Apertome said...

Things have been rather ho-hum on the riding front here too. Ugh.

You guys have such random weather. Single-digits, to 50s, in a matter of days? That's got to get a little confusing.

At 3:12 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Frankly, I'm suprised that the windows don't shatter from the temperature swings, some days.

At 7:31 PM , Blogger katina said...

"A balding human porcupine complaining about the weather" it generally has nothing to do with your blog, but that should totally be your by line...


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