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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday, Snowy Sunday

Woke up this morning, and looked out the front door:

 Got a little snow overnight, here in Denver.  This was the scene at about 8:00 AM.

I rode the snow-commuter down to the coffee shop.  The side streets are easy to ride;  the snow offers pretty good traction.  Where I crossed Colorado Boulevard and University, it was pretty treacherous.  The snowplows have come though and removed the snow down to the packed ice.  Those streets would be more easily driven if they had been left un-plowed.  (They will clear off, more quickly, than the side streets, once the sun is out, though.)

It continued to snow pretty heavily, while I was at Kaladi Brothers.  In fact, it is supposed to snow, pretty continuously, until tomorrow evening.  Then, it should turn cold (10 below zero forecasted for tomorrow night/Tuesday morning's commute).
Bike parking was plentiful, this morning.  

When I got home, I shoveled the walk.  Now, two hours later, they need it, again.  I guess I'll go do that after I write my story for today.



At 6:50 PM , Blogger Smilin-buddha said...

Love that truck

At 8:28 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Thanks. Me, too.

At 9:06 PM , Blogger Smilin-buddha said...

Your blog has been a favorite for years

At 9:11 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Cool! Thanks. I really enjoy writing it. Nice to hear, when someone likes it.


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