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Friday, November 26, 2010

Breaking Radio Silence

Long story short:  I've had the flu, all week, and haven't been up to posting  Still don't feel real well.  More, when I feel better.

PS  I hope everyone had/is having a Happy Thanksgiving.



At 8:32 PM , Anonymous Dave and Linda said...

Missed you yesterday, thanksgiving just wasn't the same without you. Great to see you ambulatory today. Hope the leftovers make it seem like the holidays

At 9:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you get the flu shot? I overheard one of my students complaining because his mom made him get the flu shot every year "even though I never get the flu." I have way too many of these "duh" moments with this current bunch. Anyway - get the flu shot (next year - too late this year) and see if it helps.

At 10:35 AM , Blogger Jon said...

I didn't, but I had planned to. As you say, too late now...

Anyway, I hope this gives me immunity, or something. I've had about enough of it.


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