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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Great White Buffalo

I offer this up as evidence that I'm not the only goofball who runs front and rear disc brakes on a fixed mtb.

My buddy Danny Mac got this used On-One frame, last winter, and brought it over to show me. He was planning on hanging it in the rafters, and gathering up parts to build it. I pointed out to him that, since he had the frame and wheels, I could use an old Kinesis fork I had lying about, along with some Stan's Crow tires, and various bits from the parts bin to get him rolling. That way, he could ride the bike, even as he was chasing down his "dream" parts.

So, we built it up, and he has ridden it, a lot, in the meantime.

Last week, Dan called me up and told me he was bringing everything over for the "official" build.

Of course, I neglected to take any "before" pictures, but here is the finished product.

The Origin8 carbon fork is pretty light, and the white crown and dropouts tie in well with the On-One's factory paint. The Midge bars came out of my parts bin, for the original build.

Avid BB-7 discs. No problem setting them up to work with the road brake levers. I don't know how the road version could work any better.
I swapped the original Surly front hub for the Surly disc hub, and then swapped axles between them so that Dan could retain the convenience of a front QR.

The rear bub is a free/free flip-flop. I added one of the spin-on disc adapters to it, like I am running on my Raleigh XXIX, and torqued the cog onto the other side. It was a lot cheaper than buying the $105.00 Surly fixed/disc rear hub, and rebuilding the wheel.

One of the fancier parts Dan came up with was a used White Industries ENO crankset. I swapped the single chainring for the double that Dan had ordered from White Industries...

and threaded on a Surly Dingle double-cog. The inner ring and inner cog combo adds up to the same number of teeth as the outer combo. So, you can switch from low to high gear without adjusting the chain tension.

Good looking bike, but the paint is fairly beat. There may be a trip to the powder coater in its future.

I'm digging the big wheels, lately.


At 7:36 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

Truly droolworthy!Nice crankset.
BB7's are great brakes too.If you paint it keep it white or if he decides on another color can you do the crown and dropouts of the fork the same color as the frame for a "custom look"

At 5:14 PM , Blogger Jon said...

If it gets powder, it will be pearl white.


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