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Friday, June 05, 2009

Locked and Loaded

Well, I have the truck all loaded up and ready to go. I can't get into the venue until 1:00 PM, so I really don't want to leave the house until 12:30, or so. Therefore, to avoid pacing the floor, I'm posting this up on the blog

I have the "race bike" (1x8 29er Not-a-becane), and my backup (the KHS Team ST). I got the KHS down from the hooks, yesterday, and it still had the number plate (and dirt) from Moab on it. I guess I've ridden something else, either the 650b Stumpy or the 29er, every time I've gone offroad, since last October.

I lubed the chain, adjusted the brakes, trued the wheels and replaced the broken bar-end extensions and it was ready to go. While I know that many people are appalled by bar-ends on riser bars, I find them useful. That's really why I run the mustache bars, offroad: they give you the bar-end position with access to the brakes.

The back seat is pretty full, as well. Amazingly, though, I still have a seat for a passenger, up front, in case I see any ax-wielding hitch-hikers on the way down.

I figure that I either have twice as much stuff as I need, or not nearly enough. Either way, I am loaded and ready to go, so I can no longer worry about it. From here on out, it's live-in-the-moment and adapt time.

Hopefully, the camera will survive this trip, and I'll have pictures from the race.

Hopefully, I'll survive this trip, and I'll have stories from the race.

Later, my fine-feathered friends...



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