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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kinda Cold Out In the Shop

I still don't have heat in the shop building, so it was a bit nippy out there (about 15 degrees F) as I replaced the spoke in the DiamondBack's rear wheel.

It took a lot of truing and tensioning to bring the wheel back into shape. About half the spokes had lost tension, and the rim was way wacky. But, it all came out okay in the end. I even randomly picked up the right length spoke from a pile of various lengths, on the first try.

While I was out in the shop, I busted out the power tools and made these:

"What the heck are they?" you ask? Stay tuned, and I will show you within a two or three days time. The paint needs to dry, and a few other arrangements need to be made before they can be put to work.

Feel free to continue with your seasonal celebrations while you wait.

In other (terrific) news, the Solstice is past! Yay! The days are going to get longer, and we can begin that long slow creeping climb back into Spring! Exclamation points!!!



At 6:33 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

I went for a short ride to the grocery store yesterday,The temp was 7 degrees farenhiet with a 20 below wind chill!!! Damn that's cold!I tried the plastic bag thing,albeit with a large plastic tupperware cover.Kinda like a piece of plastic wrap with elastic on the edges.It worked perfectly,supremely even.It strecthed over my helmet tightly and was easy to remove if need be.With these temps though there was no need to remove anything.I am lucky in the winter bike work department,my barn is big/small enough that I can get it to about 50 degrees with a kerosene torpedo heater.I feel your pain however,I used to work in an unheated 20 foot metal storage container like the kind they uyse on container ships.BRRR!!!Stay warm,and think Hawaii,sprin is on it's way.

At 6:36 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

Oh boy! I need another cup of coffee.I meant "use" and "spring".I even proof read it.My brain isn't quite in gear yet.


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