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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nice Bars!

A while back, I gave this old Huffy cruiser to one of my neighbors. Reed is a bit older than me, a Harley-riding landscape contractor. Hell of a nice neighbor.

Anyway, he told me he was looking for a bike like this, so I gave it to him. He rode it a little, but told me that he was constantly hitting his knees on the handlebars. He didn't want to do the Beach Cruiser thing and tilt them up, so I replaced the original handlebars with these old 1-inch diameter Harley riser bars.

I figure Reed will feel more at home with these. It feels like you're on a Harley when you ride the thing!



At 12:19 PM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

Put a triple tree on that huffy and one of those old kids twist grips that made motorcycle sounds on it and it'll be all set.

By the way I finished my Space liner "Shreckongost" cruiser.It looks awesome with beach cruiser bars and a flame saddle.Coupled with three speed wheels and those fat ritchey slick tires that used to be on my Cafe bike it looks the HOT ROD part quite nicely.

Pics in the spring when it's not freezing!


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