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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unexpected Warmth, and A Couple of Questions Occur To Me On The Way Home

I didn't expect the temperature to be pushing 50 degrees, when I left work, today. But, it was sitting on 48 degrees, when I took off, and it was still 45 dgrees when I got home. I carried a good deal of my morning clothes home in the panniers, including the long underwear and my heavy gloves.

My normal bike gloves had gotten out of the bag, somehow, so I rode home in leather work gloves and my polypro liners. I kept the shoe covers on, since there are a few deep puddles and wet stretches on the way home, due to snowmelt, but I rolled the pants legs up rather than tucking them in, as I usually do.

The Questions:

As I rode along on Kearney, I approached an intersection where I have no Stop sign, but the cross street does. As I approached, the fellow waiting at the sign pulled out to cross the street.

I didn't have to hit the brakes, but I did have to stop pedalling so that I would slow down and avoid hitting him.

Even if I had to hit the brakes, I wouldn't have said much about it, because this fellow wasn't driving a car. He was piloting an electric wheelchair, so I would yield to him under just about any circumstance I can think of.

This got me to thinking, though. And, thence, the questions: Is an electric wheelchair a vehicle or a pedestrian? Can You get a DWI for driving one home from the bar, or would it be a "Public Intoxication" charge?

Ah, the things that go through your mind on a pleasant bike ride home, from work.



At 10:22 PM , Anonymous red light green light said...

Pedestrians, but they are special pedestrians in the lawbooks right..??
The next time I think about bitching about snow conditions on my commuter, I should remember that at least I'm not navigating an electric wheelchair

At 5:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

WWI, not World War 1.Wheelchairing while intoxicated,if there isn't a law there should be.I'll have to forward that to my friend Jenny,who happens to be a parapelegic.She will as she would say, not I so it's PC in some respect"laugh her legs off"


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