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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scorcher Evolution

The most noticeable change to the Scorcher is the addition of a rear rack. I have found that I need a rear rack on all of my bikes except for those I specifically think of as "recreational". The mountain bike, the cross bike, the orange Peugeot...those are bikes I don't use for hauling things around or commuting. I just ride them for fun, so no rack is needed.

I figured out the cockpit issue. I wasn't sure if I needed a different handlebar, or a different stem. Turned out to be a handlebar problem. A wider, upside-down 3-speed bar fixed me right up. You can also see the stealthily mounted "ding bell", in this shot.

I hated having a shimmed seatpost in the bike. So, I got a 26.8mm post, and reamed the seat tube to fit. I think it originally took a 26.6 post, because it didn't take much to get it fitted.

I swapped pedals with the pink bike (I'm hoping the snow is gone for a few days). I'll eventually get another pair of these, so I don't have to swap any around.
I'm going to use this bike to run errands, go to the coffee shop, etc. tomorrow. Assuming everything shakes out, I may just hang the bags on it and ride it to work on Tuesday. It will seem fast compared to the pink bike with the studded tires, I'm sure.
I suspect it will end up with rear brakes, as well, if it seems like I'll be using it for commuting. I like the added security of two brakes when I'm hauling the bags around and dodging rush hour traffic. But, I'll see how it handles the bags before I worry about it.


At 6:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, I like the red and matte black look. Can you tape the bars to make them black? Also, I love those pedals - even Kyle hasn't been able to break the ones on his bike yet.

At 8:08 AM , Blogger Apertome said...

Very nice-looking bike. I noticed the strange handlebars before, but it's a pretty cool look, and I'd think having them sweep in toward you would be good for the wrists.

I enjoy reading about the tweaks you make to various bicycles. I hope one of these days I'll pick up a wrench and start working on my bikes a bit more. I'm always worried I'll screw something up, though, a fear that seems to be justified, based on my experiences thus far ...

At 10:59 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Joy: The bars I used before, which were this same Wald cruiser bar from the 60's, were rusty. So, I just sprayed them matte black. If I end up keeping this bike until warm weather, I may do the same to these.

Apertome: I suggest trial by fire. Go to the thrift store, or a yard sale, and pick up and old bike and just satart modifying it. If you screw it up beyond repair, throw it away and try again. If you aren't working ona bike you rely on , you can take your time (and take chances you wouldn't, otherwise).

When you're done, sell it on and do it again until you build up enough skill/confidence to wrench on your "good" bikes.

Bike mechanics are far from rocket scientists. I am living proof of that!


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