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Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Sketchy Ride

I took the Peugeot L'Orange out for about an hour and a half, today. The sun is shining, temps are in the 50's. Beautiful day for a ride.

Of course, I neglected to take into account the snow we had a few days ago. A couple of pretty long stretches of the Cherry Creek Trail (notably, along the section where you ride the sidewalk outside of Denver Country Club) were still snow-packed and very sketchy.
Still a good ride to Confluence Park, and REI.

Outside the REI Flagship Store

From REI, I headed south on the South Platte Trail, pushing against a fairly strong headwind the whole way. It was that kind of wind which was so steady that I felt as though I was constantly headed uphill. I couldn't get into a comfortable cadence, either feeling as though I was pushing way to easy or way too hard, depending on my level of output.

I spent most of that section of the ride in "way too hard" mode.

Got off of the trail at Evans Avenue (sick of the wind, at that point) and headed over to Kaladi Brothers for an Italian soda.

While I was there, I tried to be discreet about sketching (heh! Get it?) one of the baristas as she worked. I didn't have my sketchbook with me, but I had my pen in pocket. So I drew on the back of an advertising flyer which was on the counter where I was sitting.

It's not a real good likeness. But for about 5 minutes (combined) of sketching time, I don't think it's too bad:

Yes, I am one of those creepy old guys who sketches you at the coffee shop...

Rode home from Kaladi's against the wind, yet again. Good ride, all things considered.


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