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Monday, January 15, 2007

Inky Dinky Doo

I've been working on a new comiuc, for the past few weeks. It is an 18-page effort, concerning a driver's road-rage against cyclists and some rather...unique consequences.

I have plans to make this a continuing story. So, this is, essentially, Chapter One in a serial. Whether or not any other chapters come into being kinda depends on how this one is received. I plan on submitting it to some magazines, but if they all reject it I guess it's back to "Published By Kinko's".

I finally finished the rough pencilling, this morning, at Kaladi Brothers Coffee. This afternoon, I inked the first three pages.

I have about 25 hours, or so, in it , so far. And, I'm figuring that I have about another 8 hours to go on the inking.

Here's the cover I'll be using if I end up putting it out, myself.

The interior art will be black and white, but I like the color on the cover.



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