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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blizzard: Day 2

Still snowing, but it has let up, quite a bit. The wind, around my neighborhood, has calmed down somewhat. But it is still nasty on the eastern plains, apparently.

I took the bike out, and rode/walked about a mile and a half. The snow is so deep I can't even ride in the tire tracks, in places, because there is so much unpacked snow below the little layer of packed stuff on which the car tires are floating. Plus, not a whole lot of cars have come through in the past 24 hours.

This is the scene about 1/4 mile from my House. The house in the background looked very "Swiss Alps" to me, with the drifts on the roof.

Before I left, I dug the dog pen out, and put a tarp down inide the pen so that Jack could stay dry. He has proven himself, um... "unreliable" in the house. So, I try to not leave him alone inside if I don't have to.

It's almost a snow-cave.

Ice Station Jackie

Every business I saw, while I was out, is closed. I was actually glad to see that. No need to have people risking their lives to sell hamburgers.

No Royal Burger, today.

Considering that Tyler and I built it, I'm very glad that the patio cover is holding up to the snow load.



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