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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Brad's "NOW Artspace" Opening

I went to the Tennyson First Friday Artwalk, last night, mostly to see Brad's opening at NOW. Of course, I forgot my camera. But I shot a couple of pictures with the ol' cellphone cam, at the end of the night.

The art looked terrific on the wall. It was nice to see his stuff hanging where you could actually view it, rather than looking over the heads of coffee drinkers, and around bags of beans. The wall opposite Brad's installation was filled with black and white 9-11 themed photos, and the rear corner had some nice Dia de los Muertos-themed art. So, the room had a nice flow, and the contrast between the stark black and white images and the vibrant colors of the paintings was striking.

I don't say this just because he is my friend, but you really should check out his art. And, if it suits your tastes, buy some. I have some of his works hanging in Grinder Bikes World headquarters, and I must say I'm proud to display them.



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