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Sunday, August 20, 2006

You Meet the Nicest People On a Triumph

I was pulling out of the CDOT parking lot, on my way home from work, the other day when a fellow in an SUV flagged me down.

"Oh, great!" I thought, "How did I make this guy mad?"

Well, come to find out, the fellow just liked my motorbike and wanted to know all about it. He told me that his name was Richard Kirk, and he does photography. Then he asked if he could take some shots of the Thruxton.

It was okay, by me, so he did. The bike looks great, but I looked kinda crazed in this one:

Of course, after a full week at CDOT, I tend to look a little crazed, anyway.

He sent me the link to his web gallery, today, and I asked permission to post this shot. He graciously granted it.

Check out his other stuff here:


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