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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Rag Mans Anagrams

I was listening to the radio, the other day, and "L.A. Woman" came on. I had just recently read, somewhere, that the line "Mr Mojo risin..." is an anagram for "Jim Morrison" and it made me wonder what kind of anagrams I could make out of my name.

Being the lazy bum I am, I just went to this site and typed in my name rather than sitting down and rearranging the letters, myself.

Grinder returned a few good anagrams, my favorite being "Nerd Rig". I think I'll name one of my bikes the "Grinder Nerd Rig".

My legal signature, "Thomas J Grinder" brought up a bunch. "Jarring Methods" (great name for a blues group and/or album) was my favorite out all of them.


At 1:23 PM , Blogger AC said...

How about this. ' Sherlock Holmes 'anagrams to 'Heh! Smells crook'! Anagrams are real fun !


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