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Friday, June 23, 2006

A Bicycle Built For Two...

but only being powered by one! This is my nephew Sean and me on the Grinder Special Huffy Tandem. Sean isn't real fond of riding (or should I say "pedalling") a bike, but he seemed to enjoy having Uncle Jon tow him around.

His brother, Kyle, was quite taken with my folding bike. He rode it around for a while, and started asking what they cost. So, I just shipped it to him after they returned home.
It's a cool little bike, but yet another of those projects I was never going to get around to. (I had planned on converting it to a fixed gear.) So, I figure he will get a lot more use out of it, taking it with him on the family trips to visit the grandparents, etc., than it was getting in my storage building.

And, finally, a flying dog picture.

The Troublemaker (also known as Jack) in action, swinging on a stick...

and posing for the paparazzi.


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