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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Have Brought Warm Weather Back to Denver

In much the same way that washing your car will break a drought, I figure that these will bring warm weather back to town:

My homemade version of these was working so well that I figured I might just get some material and make a nice pair.  Then, I looked on Amazon, and found these for $12.99.  I can't buy the material for that.

So, I ordered them up, and they were waiting on me when I got home, today.

 After I put them on the bike and test-rode it, I went into the house and turned on the news.  The weather forecast calls for highs in the 60s, by the end of the week.

You're welcome, Denver!



At 5:31 PM , Blogger Oldfool said...

Yep, that's the way it works. In a just world people would send you money.

At 8:37 PM , Blogger Apertome said...

Very nice of you to sacrifice yourself like that!

At 3:48 AM , Blogger Big Oak said...

Wow, those babies must go almost up to your shoulders! You know, a person could sew those onto a sleeping bag, and you could have a full-body cover. A pogie-baggie! That would be difficult to pedal, though.

Seriously, that was a great deal. I checked our forecast this weekend - 40 on Sunday (-10 right now), so your purchase helped us too! Thanks!

At 3:50 AM , Blogger Big Oak said...

Sorry, that's +40. I put a hyphen after "weekend", but it looks like "-40". I wouldn't be thanking you for that.

At 11:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought about making my own but for $13 these are a no-brainer.

At 10:43 PM , Blogger Christopher said...

HA!, isn't that always the case.

At 11:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon, I got some of those cyclepro swiss army tires,love'em!I also got a set of schwalbe cx pro's in 26 inch X 1.3" for sloppier trails in the spring.Thanks,Jon-- "Frankenbiker"


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