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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So, What's With All The Blogs, Anyway?

I was just talking to someone about blogs, when I realized that I have six of them going, five of which are updated regularly.  But, why have so many?  Why not just put everything in one place?

Well, just like different magazines tend to specialize in content, I find that it makes more sense to split content from different areas of my life into different blogs.  People who read this blog for the bike stuff may not care, at all, about my art and vice versa.

So, what are these blogs, and what do they contain?

Two Wheels:  I consider this my main blog.  It tends to be a report of my day to day activities with the bikes, the motorcycles, trips, the house, etc.  Kinda like a letter home, in a way.

52 Card Pickup:  Art and music are passions of mine which rival the two-wheeled passions.  Look here for updates on art including (but not limited to) paintings, sculptures, comix, and music.  There is going to be a lot of music news, for the next few months.

HRJG:  "Hard-Rocking Jonny G" is a nickname that Randy Caley assigned me, a few years ago.  I find that, on my other blogs, I tend to write in a dry, newspaper-reporter-like style which sometimes seems a bit boring, to me.  I use HRJG to let the language flow, usually reporting on something which has been covered on one of the other blogs but in the style of the Beats.  It is the writing equivalent of ice cream, for me.  It's a treat to loosen up and let the words fly.

The Daily Grind:  This blog pretty much takes the place of the Grinderbikes website, which should disappear soon.  I am not really concentrating on the business end of bike-building, any more, but this allows me to keep a presence on the web, so to speak.  Watch it for bikes and parts I am selling/have sold. 

Grinderbikes Photo Archive Blog:  Pretty self-explanatory.  I don't want the picture galleries to disappear from the internet when the website goes away, so I am archiving them on this blog.  I will also be labeling the pictures and adding descriptions/facts about the builds so that it is not just a collection of random photos.

Pix X 366:  In 2008 I did a project for which I drew a picture every day.  '08 was a Leap Year, so there were 366 pictures.  Obviously, this project is complete, so I don't update the blog.  I do go back and look at the pictures, occasionally, and remember where I was, why I chose that subject, etc.  I like seeing other people's sketchbook sites, and I hope the occasional visitor who stumbles upon it appreciates mine.

Who knows, I may start another blog, or three, before it's over.  I enjoy blogging, a lot, and I always hope people enjoy reading them.



At 6:41 PM , Blogger katina said...

Yeah, I think I've had like 5 of which is defunct (about the TV shows I watch), one that only I have read access to (much like a journal), the normal blog, the gardening blog and a conglomeration blog which is essentially defunct as no one has updated to it in like 6 months

At 7:22 PM , Blogger Oldfool said...

All I have to say I say as the old fool. I do more, talk about it less and get more done, as if it mattered.

At 8:10 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Well, I tend to compartmentalize my life, pretty heavily, and I'm a gabby bastard. Hence a bunch of blogs.


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