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Monday, March 01, 2010

Life Is Like an Elevator; Some Ups, Some Downs...and Sometimes The Cable Snaps and The Floor Falls Out From Under You

I had a really aggravating day at work, today.  I worked an extra hour and a half, through no fault of my own, and ended up being there until almost dark.

Oddly, though, I had the nicest ride home that I've had in quite a while.  It reminded me of the Friday night rides that I made a habit of, back in the summer and fall of last year.  (It may be time to start those up, again, soon.)

The temperature was a balmy 41 degrees, when I left the lab, and the wind was dead calm.  The sun had slipped behind the mountains, but the sky was still lit until almost 6:30.

I loafed along on the rebuilt Soma 4one5, just enjoying the beautiful evening.  I was going no faster than I've been going on the snow tires, but at a more comfortable cadence due to the new gear ratio. 

Tomorrow, I will be on the Red Rockhopper.  It will be nice to have some gearing choices.  My legs are still a bit tired from Saturday's 100 miler.

I hope to get the RockCombo rolling, by next week, to take the RockHopper's place.  Hopefully, the roads will stay clear for a bit, so that I can ride it.

Sorry about the weird, rambling post.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit less negative, and I'll have a bit more cohesion to my thoughts.



At 5:32 AM , Blogger Oldfool said...

I'm usually past the "hunting for a piece of strong rope" stage by March but this year has been particularly depressing for me. I keep reminding myself that I could be further north where the weather is really harsh but it's all relative I guess.


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