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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raleigh Out, Soma In

I disassembled the hard-luck Raleigh and used the parts from it to rebuild the Soma 415.  I swapped the fork from the Raleigh over to the 415 because it simplified the process, plus I didn't have another disc-ready fork which would take a fender without modification.

I didn't want to have to deal with fork mods, because I knew that I was going to have to some finagling with the rack in order to get it to clear the disc brake caliper.  They make "disc-ready" racks, but I really didn't want to go to the store and spend the money.  So, I spent about an hour figuring out how to make this one work.  Assuming that it doesn't all fall apart, I think I managed it pretty well.

I replaced the 18 tooth cog with a 16, hoping to get a gear with which I am more comfortable.  In addition, I was able to mount a kickstand.  I really like having the kickstand on a bike with panniers, and I could never get one on the Raleigh.

Hopefully, the bike should be a bit more useable than the Raleigh proved to be.  The 415 is actually built for 26" wheels, but I modded it so that it will take 29ers.  I might throw the 700 x 45c tires on it, once the snow is over for the season, and see how it goes.  For now, the snow tires stay on.

Tomorrow is the maiden voyage.  One to three inches of snow are on the way, according to the weather-guessers.  Then, 60 degrees, by Wednesday!



At 4:34 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

For a frame designed for 26" wheels the 29"ers sure look like they were meant for the bike.I hope it works out well for ya.The old Ross fixie is still going strong,except I had to replace the fork.I swapped it out for a 1" threaded 80's ritchey model, so now I have canti brakes on the front.Much better for acctualy being able to stop then the old LEE CHI funky cam style.

At 11:45 AM , Blogger Apertome said...

Love the Soma! Great job, fitting the 29" wheels on there. Looking forward to reading more about how it rides.


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