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Friday, December 04, 2009

Warmer Than I Expected, This Morning

The weather-guessers predicted sub-zero (F) temperatures for last night/this morning. So, 7 degrees above seemed relatively balmy by comparison.

We had a small ice/snow storm, Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, which left the roads in an interesting condition. Two inches of squeaky snow (low-moisture-content snow squeaks under compression, for some reason) was lying on top of about an inch of very solid ice.

Wednesday, I had no problem riding on it. Yesterday, however, I did take a dive as I approached the intersection of Dahlia and Third. Even though I never used the brakes (an advantage of fixed-gear riding in slick conditions), there was patch of ice there that even my studded tires could not overcome. As soon as I stoped pedaling forward, the tires lost their grip and the front end washed out, dumping me face-first onto the frozen road.

I'm glad the sun was not yet up. I can only find comfort in hoping that it was dark enough that no one could see my rather ungraceful landing.

No harm done, I continued on my way.

This morning, I was uber careful to avoid that spot, and managed to stay upright all the way here, adding to the warm and fuzzy aspect of the ride.

I've rather enjoyed having an excuse to ride even slower than normal. Snow appeals to my inner laziness!

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At 8:19 PM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

It was 38 here today,for Dec. it feels like florida!I'm ot complaining.


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