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Sunday, August 05, 2007

So, What's The 100th Post About, Jon?

Why, it's about changes made to the new bike and the pink bike, of course!
I took the Mary bar from the pink bike, and put it on the GT, along with the bolt-on grips and bell. Likewise, I installed the big-ole platform pedals on the GT, and bolted on the seatpost-mounted cargo rack. I also installed lights and a computer, and switched out the stock seat for the Storika I used on the Green Hornet.

Soon to come, a flip-flop hub.

I'll be riding with the freewheel until I can get a 32-hole Surly fixed hub to lace into the rear wheel. Coasting... it feels so weird.

Speaking of coasting, I took the stupid ENO wheel off of the pink bike, and put the Rolfs back on. I had a 9-speed cassette lying about, so I put it on and used a crappy old six-speed thumb shifter, set to friction, on the flipped cruiser bars. I used it to pull the trailer today, and it was strange to change gears and coast down hills.

Chariot of the Gods (and groceries)

I'm afraid that all of this Freewheeling Jon Grinder business is going to make me lazy. Fat, lazy and stupid...That's no way to go through life, son!

Oh, well.



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