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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Formula One in the Rain

I put my truck in the shop, yesterday, and got some work done on it ($$$$$$$!). Of course, right after I dropped it off, I remembered that I had told Adam I would go over to his house after he was through slinging espresso, and do some adjustments on the Cafe Bike.

Since it was raining, and I wanted to put some miles on the F1, I took an old cruiser fender I had lying about and trimmed it down to size, then zip-tied it to the seat-stay bridge (formerly the brake bridge). Then, I strapped on so many flashing blinkie-lights that I looked like some mutant 20-inch wheeled ambulance rolling down the road and headed to Kaladi Brothers to meet up with Adam.
The fender worked pretty well. Plus, I thought it gave the bike a bit of a "StingRay vibe".

Riding down the alley behind Adam's place. 100% man-made fibers!



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