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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Out With The Old And In With The Older

Well, I sold one of my favorite personal bikes, today. Adam, one of the baristas down at Kaladi Brothers Coffee, was the victim of a scum-sucking bike thief, a while back, and needed a bike to get around town.

Gone but not forgotten.

I showed him some choices of frames we could build for him, and then I showed him the Cafe Scorcher. The C.S. won him over when he test rode it.

I felt the need to thin the herd, a little, since I just built up a new bike for myself. This orange Peugeot UO8 (a 1974 model) has decided to stay with me, and that brought my total of personal bikes up to 11. My self-imposed limit is 10, at the moment, so I had to let something go.

The Cafe bike was my go-to bike for running errands. The big tires took forever to leak down, if I inflated them to 80 psi. So I could just grab it and go without having to air the tires first. I probably put more miles on it, this summer, than any other bike I own.

However, the KHS fixed mountain bike is essentially the same bike, just geared shorter for off-road riding.

Cafe Scorcher




So, I figure the KHS can take overe the short-haul errand running, in addition to being my off-road fixie. I eliminate an overlap in bikes, and clear a space out for the Peugeot, at the same time.

Speaking of the Peugeot: This one, oddly enough, has an actual headtube badge, rather than a decal.

So, out with the old (1980's MTB Cafe Scorcher) and in with the older (1974 Peugeot).

More pictures of the Peugeot here



At 8:19 PM , Blogger katina said...

oooooo, nifty badge.

At 9:11 PM , Blogger katina said...

hmm, and is is still "barista" when it's a guy? that seems like a word that would have a gender associated with it (damn you spanish class!). but then, I don't think i've ever heard of the term "baristo"

At 12:50 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Yeah, I always liked that badge. It seemed to suit the character of the bike.

As to barista/baristo: I've never even thought of that, but I have never heard anything but "barista".


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