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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do You Like Mini Comics? I Do.

So, I decided to create one, today. I haven't done a comic in years, and I was playing around with clip art and came up with a couple of stories I found entertaining.

I call it Forklift Funnies, but it has nothing to do with forklifts. Instead, it concerns a worker robot and some slightly snarky aliens, in two separate "stories".

It's twelve pages, approximately 4"x2.5", sumptuously printed on my HP 4215 printer/scanner/copier/fax, and hand assembled by sweatshop labor deep in the bowels of Grinder Bikes World Headquarters. Send me $1.00 (or a copy of your mini) and I'll send you a copy. You can email me through to get the mailing address.

As my sister said, "Klaatu barada nikto."


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