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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Carb Problem Solved

Brad, Randy and I went for a nice little ride, today. We hit a couple of coffee shops, and the Denver Art Museum. Brad and I were on the Thruxtons, while Randy rode his naked SV650.
Temperature was in the mid-forties, and the sun was shining. The wind was blowing pretty hard, but it was a pleasant day for a ride.

It was a horrible day for working on a motorcycle, though, as I found out after getting home. The wind, which had pushed us around a bit on the bikes, cut with a keen edge as I sat beside the Yamaha removing the float bowl.

I pulled the float, held it near my ear and shook it. Slosh, slosh! Full of fuel.

After installing the new float, and buttoning everything up, I started the motor. No major leaks, no drama. I'll wait until the weather is a little nicer to replace the float bowl gaskets and reclean the jets (I saw some debris in the bottom of the float bowl when I had it off). I'll install inline fuel filters at that time, as well.

I still need to rebuild the brake caliper, as well as bolting the inner rear fender into place. Then, it's time to have the new tires and tubes installed, finish mounting the seat/tailpiece and paint the bodywork. Things are progressing.


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