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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nice Day For A Ride

Too bad I was too busy, buying supplies to work on the floors of my house.

I did work on running a cable to operate the choke, since the stock choke lever is missing. I used a mountain bike thumb shifter, and fashioned a cable stop using old DiaCompe brake parts which are probably as old as the bike.

My first version didn't allow enough swing for the choke to be fully engaged, so I flipped the cable stop mount over to allow for more cable travel.

Seems to work okay. I might end up finding a stock choke lever and replacing it, eventually. For now, though, this allows me to start it up without having to hold the choke open by hand.

I bled the front brake a little more, and that seemed to free it up. maybe the piston isn't sticking in the caliper, after all. I'll rebuild it, eventually, but for now it seems good enough for test rides.

Speaking of which, I actually took it for a short ride around the neighborhood, this afternoon. The carbs are still a little problematic. The revs are slow to come back down (I suspect I should replace the stupid diaphragms), and the right hand side float bowl is now leaking gas, but only when the bike is on the sidestand. I think it's just the gasket and/or that I didn't get the screws torqued down evenly the last time I had the bowl off.

I have two gaskets, and I'm planning on checking the jets one more time, installing inline filters and then replacing the gaskets.

Oh, yeah, I also ran a couple of sheet metal screws though the undertail to hold it in place. I'll finish that installation when the rear wheel is off to swap out the tires.


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