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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Hate Waiting For Parts

I am waiting for the new carb float and the brake caliper rebuild kit to arrive from Mike's XS, and I hate the anticipation. Not that I've had the time or the weather to work on the bike much, lately.

I did manage to get some time, this afternoon, to start work on the inner rear fender, though.
While I was rooting around in the storage shed, looking for some sheet aluminum to use, I found an old superbike plastic front fender. I think it was from a GSXR-750, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it looked like it would foot the bill. So, I cut the rear portion of the fender off, just behind the mounting points.

This first picture is of the portion I didn't use.

Then, I test fitted the rear portion inside the frame of the Yamaha. I propped it up, temporarily so that I could see if it was going to work.

It seemed to work, so I set the seat/tailpiece back into place, and fine tuned the positioning, a little. I don't want to see the inner fender, but I want it to pretty much isolate the under-seat area from tire spray and such.

I think it will actually work out pretty well, once I can take the rear wheel out and use some self-tapping screws to attach it to the stock steel lower fender. I'll then make some simple mounting braces for the rear portion.

While I was at it, I installed a new fuel line from the tank to the left carb, just to double check that the problem wasn't as simple as a line leak. It still appears to be a float issue. As long as I am revving it up, there's no apparent leak. But, if I let it idle on choke, fuel dumps out of the port at the bottom of the float bowl. So, I will replace the float and see what happens.

Since I haven't ridden a motorbike in almost a week, I decided I should start the Triumphs and burn the condensation out of the pipes.

The Thruxton has TORs on it, and the Trident sports a full Yoshimura 3 into 1 system, so it sounded pretty good with the two of them idling side by side. At least, I thought so, anyway. Not too sure about the neighbors...


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