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Thursday, June 30, 2016


when i went to Pennsylvania, it rained quite a bit. So, no bike riding was done there. After I got back, I was plying catch-up at work, so I rode the motorbike to work in an effort to conserve my energy for working. It worked out that I never even got on my bicycle until Bike To Work Day.

On BTWD, I rode the fat-front single speed. I had swapped the 16 tooth rear cog for an 20 tooth, because the 16 was just a little too much gear for my rides around Denver. The 20 is a little too low, as I found on my ride in. So, I have an 18 tooth cog on the way. (I find that, riding a freewheel single speed, I can't push the same gear as I can on a fixed.)

I rode to work, a couple of days ago, and I found myself doing the bmx bike thing where you sprint up to 18 or 20 mph, then coast until you get down to 15, then sprint again. It's fun, but a little tiring.

I really dig the Surly 1x1, but i wish my frame was a medium, rather than a large. It rides great, and I am very comfortable on it. But, with a 3-nch tire on the rear and a 4-inch on the front, the standover height is just a tad high for me. It isn't bad enough to make the bike dangerous, but I would just like to have a little room between the top tube and myself!

I have been ruminating on my mountain bike situation, a bit, lately. I need to get my thoughts in order, and write a post about that.

In the meantime, here is a picture of my front-yard-buddy I was hanging out with, this afternoon: