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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salt Flats, Here I Come!

 The bike is loaded, and the helmet is painted, in preparation for leaving at 5:00, tomorrow morning.  I will head west on I-70 to Silverthorn, turn north on CO-9 and follow it to US-40 on my way to Utah.  This will take me through Steamboat Springs, and Craig, then through Vernal, Utah, on my way to SLC.  From there, it is I-80 Westbound toward Wendover, Utah, on the border of Nevada.  There, I will get a room, and on Friday I will go out to the Bonneville Speedway for the last day of  2012 racing.  Then, back home on Saturday.  Should be 1400 miles, or so, round trip.

I decided to wear my full-face helmet on this trip, but I couldn't leave it plain black...So, to commemorate my first ride to the salt, I printed out the iconic photo of Rollie Free rocketing along at over 150 mph, prone on a Vincent Black Lightning, wearing only his helmet, swim trunks and tennies during his record run in 1948.  From that, I cut a stencil, and sprayed the image onto the back of my helmet.

I may add some other touches, later, but this will do for the trip.

I packed pretty light, and managed to get everything except my water bottle in the tank bag.  The water bottle is in the soft cooler on the rack.  I figure that I will fill the cooler with ice, before I go out onto the salt.

Stay tuned for plenty of photos.  And, you might want to check my Tumblr blog (So Many Voices in My Head), over the next couple of days.  Cellphone pictures post to it a lot better than they do to this blog...



At 7:45 PM , Blogger Pondero said...

What a fantastic sounding trip! I'm not sure I could ride a motorcycle quite that much is short time, but it would be fun to find out.

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip, and that we get lots of details.

At 9:12 PM , Blogger Jon said...

In the past, I routinely would do 850 miles in a day, going back to Tennessee for a visit. Once, 10 years ago, I rode the 1240 miles from my parents' house back to Denver in one 20-hour non-stop blitz.

Nowadays, I find that 600 miles is pretty entertaining, without crippling me. My shoulders cam't take the truly long days on the bike, any more...

At 9:34 PM , Blogger Jerome said...

Wow that's stellar! Sounds like a great trip. I spend a summer& fall working in Eagle (my wife and I trailered our motorcycles there) and rode out to Steamboat Springs. Some incredible roads and especially in the fall, it was some of the most amazing riding I've done.

I'm jealous.

Have fun, be safe:)


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