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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Weight Training - One Shovelful At a Time

I am a little sore and tired from shoveling wet, heavy snow.

After all of the driveway and sidewalk shoveling, the past couple of days, I have some sore muscles.  Today, I dug out the Dodge, just in case I decide to go somewhere in it, any time soon.  I figured it was best to have it dug out before I want to drive...

While I was at it, I cleared off the wooden lawn furniture.  It doesn't need to have all of that snow melting into it.

My new glasses get quite dark in the wintry glare.  Even so, I am still squinting into the sun!



At 5:01 PM , Blogger Wilson said...

Looks like a beautiful day to enjoy your lawn furniture, and relax those muscles.


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