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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moab Equipment

Red Light Green Light asked, "How did the KHS perform for you overall?Happy w/ your equipment choices?Did anybody else have a rig that looked especially interesting or smart to you?"

The KHS worked great. At times, I found myself following people through the rocks, matching their pace, when I would realize that they were riding 6" travel full-supension rigs and I was on a soft tail with 2" of rear-wheel travel and 3.25" of fork travel.

The Brooks B17 was comfortable all through the race, and the Bontager Race Lite wheels held up pretty well. Plus, I was shocked at how well the Bontrager crank shifted while under a load.

The only equipment problem I had was one flat tire, and it didn't go completely flat on the trail. I had Rich change it at camp.

Next time, I might wear a small CamelBak (not my 100 ouncer), since I found it a bit unwieldy to take bottles in and out of cages on the technical parts of the trail. I didn't want the weight of my 100 oz. reservoir, tools, etc., on my back for long periods of time, so I used a seat bag and water bottles.

As for other rigs:

Single speed bikes were all over, and most of them were 29ers. There were so many that I felt like there should have been a separate class for them.

I saw one guy riding a Felt Propaganda, which seemed pretty masochistic to me.

I did see a TREK STP, very similar to mine, but I didn't see any other KHS softtails.

And, of course, Ellsworth was a sponsor, so the guys were riding around on one of these at the main camp.



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