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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Commuting Company and Bike To Work Day News

I've had an unusual amount of company on my commutes, these past few days.

Last Thursday, I rode with Rodney and Neal, following their commute down the South Platte. I got off at Evans and came down Iliff to my house. Turned my 9 mile commute home into 17.5.

Monday, Rodney rode to my my house with me, then continued on down Iliff, and eventually to the Bear Creek Trail and to his house. It's about the same distance for him, either way.

Today, I met Steve at Cherry Street, where it crosses the creek, and he rode in with me. Then, we rode together on the way home, until we crossed the creek and he headed east to his house, as I continued south.

It's amazing how much faster the ride goes when you have someone to talk to. I'd say it cuts the "perceived distance" travelled by about a third.

I have been put in charge of the Bike To Work Day festivities at our building, so I am even more of "the bike guy" than before. Oddly, just putting up some fliers and sending out an email about actually having some activities at our building has increased the interest level by a great deal.

We are technically part of HQ, but HQ is 7 miles away from us. So, we are pretty much left out on the HQ BTWD breakfast, and whatnot. I approached the Big Boss, and volunteered to be in charge of getting something going, if he wanted me to, and he was hip to it.

I think people are excited to just be included, this year.



At 2:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has been funny for me is that it seems like the group of people riding changes every day. Maybe my personal schedule has been inconsistent, but I still haven't bumped into the same person twice. I've only been doing this for about a month now, so maybe I'll get to know the "regulars" as time goes on. It sure is nice when you do meet someone on the way. I've had that happen a few times now and most have been friendly. A little chat sure does go a long way to ease the ride. Like you, I also decided to go a little bit out of my way to keep the conversation going. Thanks again for your advice on my flat tire issue.

At 8:25 AM , Anonymous fatmeanman said...

I've developed a few cycling associations during my work day commute. I haven't actually met these people but I have a certain rapport with them.
Cranky Guy lives up to his name by never waving or even giving the old nod as we cross paths. His pissed at the world countenance says it all.
Peleton Guy is too skinny and asocial to move beyond his 5:55 am daily time trial. He always looks so serious.
Retired Guy is...erm...old. At least he is friendly. He waves like an excited 8 year old with baseball cards in his spokes. He seems to be having fun while he putters along. Yea for Retired Guy! We need more folks like him.
I wonder what sort of vibe I put out. I may be known as "Mister Creepy", "That Douche Bag on the Fixie", or "The Smiling Doofus." Ah, life's little mysteries!


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