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Monday, July 02, 2018

Why You Never See Me With a Tan

 By the time I got to Mercer, last week, I had a bit of a sunburn on my throttle-hand wrist. My jacket sleeve rides up a bit, and the gloves I was wearing have a short wrist-piece, so a gap would appear between them as I rode.

 For many people, this would result in an amusing, abbreviated "farmer's tan". For me, however, this is the result:

Radiation burns!

So, while we were all up in Vermont, I went to an outdoor supply store and bought some deerskin work gloves, with a longer wrist area.

The old glove, with the short wrist...

The new glove...

Notice that, with the new glove, you can no longer see the burned area. (My bracelet is in the same position, in both pictures.) Hopefully this will prevent a repeat of the problem.

The old gloves would sorta bind my fingers, as I rode, too. This made my hands pretty sore, after a few hours on the motorbike. I think the new gloves will prevent that problem, as well.

Sometimes, problems arise on the road which have never occurred on shorter, local rides. Nothing to do but find a fix for them.

That, my friends, is my entire attitude toward touring on a motorbike.



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