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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

One Less Car

{I know that the title is grammatically incorrect, by the way.)

I bought this little GL, the hatchback version of the Brat, a year ago. I had plans to fix it up a bit, in a rally-style way, and use it to haul the mountain bike around.

I used it a bit, and actually hauled the WalGoose fatbike on it, a couple of times.

 The bike looks bigger than the car!

A year after buying the car, though, I had made very little progress on fixing up the car.It's amazing how much less spare time I have for this kind of project than what I thought I had.

 So, after hemming and hawing for a couple of months, I posted it for sale on craigslist at 1:00 on Sunday. At 5:30, this evening, the car was sold.

I happened to post it on the very weekend that a gal moved to Denver, and started looking for an old Subaru like the one her dad drove for years. She came by, drove it, looked it over, and bought it.

I hope that it serves her well.



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