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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Can't Remember the Last Time...

...that I "went for a bike ride".

Oh, I've ridden my bike, quite a bit. But, it seems that I am always on my way to somewhere or something; work, the coffee shop, the grocery store, out to eat, etc. I've use my bike, this year, primarily as transportation.

This morning, though, I hooked up with Brad, at his house, and headed out to just ride. We took our multi-terrain bikes, and rode a combination of pavement, crushed gravel trail and singletrack dirt. Along the way, we stopped and brewed up some coffee (well, Brad brewed it, as I fixed a flat on the front of my bike - flat #3 for the past seven days, I might add). I had brought a toasted Everything bagel, with cream cheese and bacon, so we had a little hobo breakfast alongside a clear-running stream.

Along the way, we talked about whatever popped into our heads ("If Superman dies, does he super-decay, like Christopher Lee at the end of a Dracula movie?"), and rode at whatever pace seemed good at the time. As the cruising speed approached 18-20 mph, the conversation would die down. When we slowed the pace, the conversation perked up.

We started at about 7:15, and we were back to Brad's driveway at a few minutes before 11:00. The ride from his house, and back, was 29 miles. Add a couple of miles to that for my ride to and from Brad's, and I got in 31.8, total. Nice way to spend a Sunday morning...

Brad was snapping pictures, occasionally. If he sends any to me, I'll post them up. I was just riding, and never even thought to take a snapshot.



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