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Friday, July 18, 2014

Odd Friday

 The Scrambler in its native environment...

I sat at the coffee shop for quite a while, today. The temperature, outside, was really pleasant as i sat there and drank my two large coffees. I spent some time texting folks to remind them of our show, tomorrow night (Skull Full Of Blues at Herman's Hideaway, 6:30-7:30).

Brad and Noella showed up, and I went inside to sit with them, for a spell. Eventually, we all went back to my house (Brad and Noella were on Brad's scooter, with the sidecar), so that Brad could check out a bicycle and some wheels he may need.

I was wearing my thrift store leather jacket. I just got it back from an airbrush artist, who painted the design I had decided on, earlier in the summer. I think it looks pretty good. Investment, so far, $55.00.
I need to put snaps, or zippers, on the cuffs. Then, I think, it will be done.

Later, I went out to run some errands, and check out a Cinelli frame that Brent had, and ended up standing around in the alley behind Brent's house, shooting the bull for about 3 hours. No errands got run.

I came home and did a little practicing for tomorrow's show, and restrung the Gibson BFG. I never did any of the bicycle building I meant to do, or anything.

Just realized that kayak is a palindrome.



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