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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Multipurpose Time

When I got the new titanium fat bike frame, I planned on making use of it as not only a fat bike, but as a standard mountain bike, as well. I was going to build a rear wheel with the 170mm hub, and use a second fork in order to run a standard 29er wheel on the front.

The other day, I saw a set of wheels on eBay, with the 170mm rear hub, 135mm front hub and 29er rims for less than the cost of the parts to build them. Three days later, they were on my front porch.

I mounted larger disc rotors and tires on the wheels, and adjusted the rear derailleur to make complete swing over all nine cogs, and rode the semi-skinny wheels to the coffee shop, this morning.

 After I took these pictures, I mounted an outer chainring onto the crank set, in place of the "grind guard" it came with. Now I have the full range of gears, for mountain biking.

If I happen to come up with a suspension fork, I will be able to run it with a standard 29er wheel. Until then, it looks like I am going rigid, again...

Once I got everything set up, I swapped the wheels back to the big fat monster tires. I get such a kick out of riding around on those big mamajamas.



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