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Sunday, April 13, 2014

One Ride, One Flat

I was out of town, on the Western Slope, for work, last week. We left on Monday, went to Durango, and ended up in Grand Junction, at the end of the week, and back in Denver, Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, no room for a bike in the truck, so no riding was done.

Yesterday, I rode down to Kaladi Bros, Coffee, then rode around the neighborhood with Carol. We just toured the D.U. area, and rode the bike path along the drainage ditch, to get back to the house. All in all, 9 miles of knocking around on two wheels.

About a half hour after we got back to the casa, I looked over at the fat bike, and noticed that the sidewall of the rear tire was wrinkly. Sure enough, the tire was going flat.

I haven't had time to even look at it and see what caused it. Maybe, tonight, after Noella's b-day party...



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