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Monday, February 20, 2012

Decorating the Shop

I had the day off, today, for President's Day.  So, I ran a few errands and did a couple of chores.  One of the chores I did was to finally hang my Classified Moto print up in the shop.

 I love the look of this print.  The bike is a Yamaha XS-650 with a modern upside-down fork and various other modifications.  The print is one of 50 hand-laid by the photographer.

 What a mess!

  Here, you can see that it actually leans out over the shop, on the slanted part of the ceiling.  I put double-edged mounting tape on the back, then put some nails around the top and sides, with the nail heads holding the edges of the frame.  I am hopeful that it will stay put...

I actually got out on the motorbike a couple of times, this weekend, just to go to the coffee shop and back.  I have missed the Scrambler, since we have had the snow on the ground.  I may ride it to work, for a couple of days, due to the windy conditions that we are expecting.  I got enough of the wind, yesterday, to do me for a while.



At 3:46 PM , Blogger greg said...

Thanks for that photo of your workbench. I think I'll print it out and then look at it so I won't feel as bad about my workbench mess ;)


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