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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lazy Can Be Good

And Wednesday was one of those times when it is.

I needed groceries, but really just didn't feel like putting out the effort to get the pink bike out, hook up the trailer, shop for an hour and then haul home and put up 10 or 11 bags of groceries. So, I busted out the GT, slung a messenger bag over my shoulder, and went on a run for staples.

Thirty minutes later, I came home with some broccoli, baby carrots, Trident gum, Fruit Mentos and Italian bread (staples in my house). When I went to put the broccoli in the refrigerator, I found that the interior of the fridge was closer to room temperature than you would really like it to be.

When I checked the freezer, it was obvious that the fridge was no longer cooling. My ice cube trays were full of water, my frozen grapes were mushy and, worst of all, a brand new package of Fudgecicles had melted into bags of brown sugar water. Sixteen dead soldiers, all in their own little body bags.

Oh, well, at least I didn't have a trailer full of groceries to store away. I went to the corner store and got 40 pounds of ice, and put the meat and other easily spoiled foods on a cooler with ice, and put two 10-pound bags of ice in the fridge to keep things cool.

Yesterday, I went to Home Depot (close to the house) and bought a new refrigerator. The old one is sitting on my driveway, awaiting pickup on Monday, and the new one is humming away in the kitchen.

There went the guitar I've been thinking about getting. The new fridge cost about $35.00 less than the guitar would, so that takes the money I was comfortable with spending. Guess I'll just play the guitars I have.

In Commuting News:

Had another flat on the front of the Miami Vice bike, when I got on it to come home from work. I aired it up, and spun it around, distributing the sealant around the inside of the tube.

Sure enough, a little green dot appeared on the outside of the tire where the air was pushing the sealant through the new thorn hole. It sealed up, and I rode home with no problems.

That's at least 3 holes that particular Slime Tube has sealed for me, now. I think I've gotten my $7.99 worth out of it.

At least I had a slight tailwind on the way home. That's a great way to finish out a week.



At 6:50 PM , Blogger katina said...

man, your fridge broke the same day that one of my friends' washing machine broke...crazy... as far as I know, nothing of ours has broken yet...


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