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Thursday, October 18, 2007

By The Way

I just found out that I could change the settings on the comments so that you don't have to sign up with Blogger to leave a comment.

Enjoy your new-found posting freedom, my cheeky little monkeys!


At 5:38 PM , Anonymous Red Light Green Light said...

Woohoo! I can finally post!
Jon, I'm very sorry about the traffic incident with the rude punk but, am glad that you are ok....
I wonder what his parents would say if somebody had backed into him?
If somebody could market an insanely bright or air-horn caliber, lightweight quick release gadget I would be down with one of those bad boys for metro riding, especially now that it is getting dark sooner.
Anyways, thank godness you and El Diablo are ok, because that bike ROCKS!

At 8:31 PM , Blogger Jon said...

El Diablo has a protective layer of cool that protects us in our travels.

When it gets to where it's good and dark on the way home, I'll just ignite the old burning skull, Ghost Rider-style, to make myself more visible.

Seriously, thanks for the kind words.


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