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Friday, April 28, 2006

Jon Versus Math. Math Wins Again!

I'm such an idiot about numbers. I posted that whole long thing about using math in everyday life, and did the calculations completely wrong!

A 48 inch gear means the equivalent of an old-fashioned high wheel bike with a 48 in diameter front wheel (which I happen to have, so you think I would have caught this mistake before now).

Circumference equals 2 x radius x pi. I looked it up to be sure.

Therefore, one pedal revolution on a 48 inch wheel moves you forward 150.8 inches, not the 48 I used in my original calcs.

So 63,360 inches in a mile for 20 miles means I travelled 1,267,200 inches.

Divide that by 150.8 and you get 8403 pedal strokes on that particular ride on the black bike.

If anyone wants to check my math, this time, feel free to tell me if I messed it up again.


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