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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dream Come True

I (and most other bike mechanics my age) have always dreamed of owning a Campagnolo tool kit. Problem is, they haven't made them for years, they were expensive enough when new, and collectors have driven the price up out of most people's reach.

However, the shop I worked at had one, and I got to use it for years, even though it wasn't mine.

Just recently, I talked my ex-boss into selling the Campy kit to me, and he actually let it go for a reasonable price (under a grand)!

I just picked it up, today, and I keep opening it up just to look at it, and handle the tools. Campy tools, like Campy components, just have a certain feel to them. I can't really explain it. If you are a musician, you know how a top-end instrument actually just feels better to the hand than a student-level model. It's like that.

I mean, even the wooden box it comes in is cool.

Anyway, I love having all of the cutting tools and everything at hand. Can't wait to rethread a fork, or something.


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