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Friday, October 13, 2017

Reconfigured the Funk Bike

I've had the Funk set up with 700x35c tires and fenders for quite a while, as I have used it as my main commuter bike for the past 3 or 4 years. A few months ago, I changed out the Albatross bars for some Velo Orange Klunker bars, thinking that the upright position might suit me a little better. Unfortunately, it did not. I think it was due more to the narrowness of the bars, more than anything else. I'm hoping to eventually build a bike on which they will be more appropriate.

Last week there was a 50 mile gravel ride down in Monument, Colorado, and I thought it would be a good ride to participate in. Danny Mac was up for it as well, so I decided to reconfigure the Funk to more of the original version of the bike; a mixed-terrain all-rounder.

So, I swapped the 35c tires for 29x2.3" CST tires, removed the fenders (they won't fit with the bigger meats), and replaced the Klunker bar with a Surly Open Bar.

The Brooks saddle and Carradice bag got swapped back from the Faux Surly, and I was ready to roll.

I love those wide (666mm) Open bars. I have one on the 1x1 and my camping bike, and it's great when I need to really torque it up a hill. But, width aside, the angle it sets my wrists at is very natural for me, and makes the ride more comfortable, no matter what kind of ride it is,

Danny ended up being unable to make the ride, so I got everything ready on Friday night and went to bed planning on doing a solo jaunt. Saturday morning arrived, and I found myself dealing with a very low amount of enthusiasm for driving down by myself and riding by myself, so I ended up bagging it.

I kinda beat myself up, a bit, for not going until, on Sunday afternoon, my throat started getting sore and I started feeling feverish. I'm thinking, now, that part of my low enthusiasm might have been that I was beginning to get to sick.

I rode the 1x1 down to Kaladi on Monday (Columbus Day is a State holiday), in the snow, not realizing that I was actually pretty sick. I was thinking mild head cold, but it was apparently something else. It was a pretty unhappy ride back to the house, that day.

I've had a pretty rough week; only worked one day, and I'm headed to the doctor's office, this afternoon, due to a weird rash that developed on my wrists when I started running a fever.

But, the Funk is in good shape, and just waiting for me to be able to ride it somewhere...



At 8:10 PM , Blogger Pondero said...

That looks mighty right from here. I hope you recover quickly, and have a chance to enjoy it!


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