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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Goals

This past little bit, I have felt somewhat adrift in my everyday life. I have so many things going on (work, band, motorcycling, bicycling, handyman projects, life in general) that I often found I was doing nothing, since I just couldn't focus. Plus, I am getting pretty out of shape, since I don't put the focus on cycling that I once did.

So, I am trying a little experiment with bullet journaling, to try and keep things in focus. (If you don't know bullet journals, do a Google search, and be prepared to go down a rabbit hole if you like Moleskines and such...)

One of my goals to check off each week is to bicycle commute at least three times a week (and another is to blog at least once a week, by Wednesday night). Hopefully, the commuting will give me a subject to blog about, if nothing else.

I have two days under my belt, this week, and I plan to pedal, tomorrow, as well. Thursday, I have to go in at 5:00 AM and get everything rolling for the certification class we do each month, at work. So, I will ride the motorbike, that day.

Speaking of the motorbike, I bought a used Thruxton seat for it, last week, and ended up finding a used black and gold seat cowl for it, too.

 I got the seat because I know from having owned a Thruxton that this seat is more comfortable (and looks better) than the Scram seat. I got the cowl just because I thought it would look cool. I wasn't entirely sure that the cowl would be appropriate on the Scrambler, but I thought I'd give it a try.

I like it, particularly since it is a little beat and that matches the bike as much as the black and gold scheme. I may re-stripe it, and I may not.

Progress is being made toward going into the studio with Skull Full Of Blues, and all kinds of things are on my bullet list.  Stay tuned.


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