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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Today's Project

Awhile back, I removed the passenger-side step rail from the Dodge, because it was rusted almost in two.  When I bought the truck, it had only the one step rail. I guess the driver's-side rail had rusted through, beforehand.

After I removed the one rail, I started looking on craigslist, hoping to find some inexpensive, used rails for the truck. I found a set in Parker, for $300.00. There was a set in Commerce City, for $400.00, which needed to be painted.  And, every other set I found was priced similarly.

So, I looked on Amazon, just to see what the rails cost, new.  I was shocked to see that, brand new, I could buy stainless steel rails, powder-coated black, for $139.00, with free shipping. So, I ordered a set, and they arrived a few weeks ago. There was snow on the ground, when they got here,  and the temps were quite low. So, I decided to wait until the weather was better, and then install the steps.

Today, it was close to 80 degrees F, in Denver, and the sun was shining. After running some errands, I decided to install the step-rails on the Dodge.

It took a couple of hours, all told, to get the rails attached, and braced up. It was worth the effort, though. The Dodge sits up pretty high, above the ground, and the steps sure make it easier to get into the seat. I really wish I had been able to use a step to get into the driver's seat, back when I was dealing with a broken rib, back in January!

The old truck is a bit long in the tooth, but I like it. And, now, I like it a little more.



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