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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Getting Back On the Horse

The last weather forecast that I saw, yesterday, called for "less than an inch" of snow, overnight, with temperatures in the 40s (F), for today.

This is the "less than an inch" to which I woke up, this morning:

My first thought was, "I might drive to the coffee shop, this morning." Then, I cringed, inwardly, at the fact that I was turning into one of those guys. The broken rib is no longer painful, so all that would keep me from riding was the worry that I might fall, again.

So, I got dressed in riding clothes, shoveled the walk and drive, and took off to Kaladi Bros. on the blue fat bike (the bike I was riding on New Year's Day, when I fell and broke the rib).

The roads were pretty treacherous. The snow is wet, and easily packs into ice. My studded-tire bike would have been a better choice, in those conditions, but I specifically wanted to ride the blue bike, just to get over any lingering bad thoughts I might have about it.

I made it there with no problems, other than a bit of slippage here and there. The ride home was even icier, since a lot more traffic had moved along the neighborhood roads since I had gone through, earlier.  But, I got back with no drama, and was happy that I had made the ride.

I will definitely ride the studded-tire bike, tomorrow, for my commute. I'm thinking that the wet roads are going to ice over, nicely, tonight.

 Above the shop door

The stone patio had a nice pattern to it, when I got home.



At 6:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle again. Also - I like your seat and handlebar "trophy" over the workshop doors. (J)


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