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Friday, March 27, 2015

Stuff and Things

Just a few unrelated things that have been bouncing around in my photo file:

 A while back, the good folks at Tin Cup Whiskey sent me nice cup, as a thank-you for giving them a shout-out on the blog post I did about riding bicycles to the top of Webster's Pass.

It's a nice, double-wall stainless steel camp cup, with a carabiner handle. Apparently, you can't buy these from Tin Cup, they are a promotional item, only. I am happy and proud to have it!

Wednesday, I rode the Scrambler to work. At about 10:00 AM, I happened to walk past the door to the parking lot, and noticed that it was snowing to beat the band. I snapped this picture from the landing, outside the door, of the top of the Scrambler. I posted it up on Facebook, with the caption, "Perhaps I should have ridden the bicycle to work, today..."

By the time I rode home, the sun was out, the roads were dry, and the temps were in the mid-40s. Springtime in Denver.

I pulled into the driveway, and looked down at my odometer, as I parked in front of the shop building. I thought that seeing 123456 was pretty cool, even though that's not the actual mileage on the bike. I had somewhere around 2475 miles on the bike, when I broke the stock speedometer.

Steve and I had a good practice, this afternoon, and we wrote a song while we were at it. The first verse popped fully-formed into my head, and we just started playing it, like it was a song we had been practicing for weeks.  I love it when that happens.

It's called "Playin' In a Rock and Roll Band". I look forward to playing it live, but that probably won't be until May. We already have our set list mapped out for the show at The Pit Stop Tavern, in April.

We are also working on Summertime Blues, incorporating elements from the original Eddie Cochran version, the Who's cover and Blue Cheer's live version, all mixed up with how we hear it. It's pretty fun, and the Bigsby gets a workout!

Blue Cheer was a 1960s proto-punk/psychedelic rock band, along the same lines as The MC5. Check out the video for some groovalicious hairstyles!

Until next time!



At 12:24 PM , Blogger katina said...

It's a little like that Simpson's scene where they're all in Africa on a safari, and they stop in the middle of nowhere to take a picture of the odometer clicking over to 200,000 miles or something like that.


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