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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Scenes From Western PA

I am in Mercer, visiting family, for my Christmas vacation. Here are some things that have happened, so far:

I saw this from the road, on the way back from a trip to Grove City:

I had Joy turn around and go back, so that I could investigate.  

I think that it is the foundation and central fireplace of a ruined house. The wood lying about looks like it might have been floor joists and planking. This is the kind of place which appeals to my inner 10-year-old.

I got my nephew, Sean, a SOG tomahawk for Christmas.

This was his first throw with it.

This was the distance. Pretty fun toy...

My other nephew, Kyle, got a Santa Cruz longboard. I didn't buy it for him, but I picked it up, in Denver, and shipped it to Mercer, for Joy. He was pretty thrilled with it.

My college chum, Tim, sent me this, via Facebook message. That is me, circa 1981, building up a prop for an as-yet unfinished space opera that we were working on. Yes, Virginia, I once had hair! (Note the Moosehead Beer shirt and flannel. Neil Young was my major fashion influence, at the time.)

More as it happens.


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